About the Creative Soul

How did the Creative Soul get started? Who is it that makes the jewelry and art? The page needs some serious updating…I’ll get to it someday. Find out a bit of background by clicking this link:



8 Responses to About the Creative Soul

  1. bwhartwork says:

    I’m not much of a jewelry person but I have to say I love your work. I like the “Always Find Your Way Home vintage compass necklace”.

  2. artsychicksw says:

    I appreciate your comments. You know, a lot of guys like that piece. I think it’s the compass, perhaps. Some men do like my jewelry…it’s something unique to gift to the women and girls in their life. My husband is more supportive than I ever dreamed he could be about my creating jewelry. He’s always getting “Honey, what do you think of this?” or “Could you take a peek at this?” and he not only gives me positive feedback but critical feedback as well. And he helps me set up for shows, etc. I’m so blessed!

  3. A. L. Kaplan says:

    Interesting art. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you stop by again.

    • artsychicksw says:

      I decided to follow your blog so that I can read your writings…I look forward to it.

      • artsychicksw says:

        Thank you so much! My art is in a true growth process right now since I’ve mostly focused on my jewelry for so long. I’ll look forward to seeing your sketches when you get them scanned. I’m really not that good at sketching and doodling, which is part of why I like the mixed media art…I can start with an image and then add to it with my own sketching/painting. I also just love the look of it and creating it. I am going to begin a separate journal for faces/bodies because I’d like to get better. I did my first face in my regular journal, with paint, and boy, do I need some practice! The eyes are huge and not natural looking. I was a bit pleasantly surprised, though, that the nose and mouth weren’t too bad. It sounds like you definitely have your own style and that’s a great thing! Thanks for visiting…Peace to your heart

  4. Your art is really beautiful. I am mostly a sketcher or doodler, however you want to put it. Some of my work in Paint is on my blog – it usually looks like a toddler did it, because, well, it’s Paint. One of these days I’ll get the scanner up and post a sketch. I’ve been told most of my people look like Barbie.

    I love the look of your background. Very nice.

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