New Look…Same Creative Soul


“art junkie”

I was getting a bit tired of the format and background on my blog so I decided something fresh and new was in order! Spring is kind of the time for that, after all.

It isn’t easy to find an image of my own work that will work in the slim space at the top of the page, but I did find one that works pretty well. I present to you “art junkie” from my personal art journal. I created this page as a way to continue to work on my mixed media skills as well as drawing and painting faces. Pushing myself to use colors I don’t normally turn to…here the oranges to go along with my favorite, blue.

For the artists or others who are interested….I first covered the journal pages with vintage text pages using gel medium. Then, I used acrylic paints applied with a make-up sponge for my first step. Then I used stencils, various bottle caps and a paintbrush to add many different circles to the page (using acrylics). A royal blue paint pen for the scallops on the right side and black marker for the ones on the left. I used markers and ink pens to write the words in different styles and a white gelli roller pen for the leaves and such.

I had great fun creating this….which is part of why art is so therapeutic for me. When I look at it now it brings the happiness back to me, and I hope to others. What brings you happiness? Please share…..

Peace to your heart, Sara


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37 Responses to New Look…Same Creative Soul

  1. Love the new look, Sara, and following along on your creative journey! The orange and blue scheme is a definite spirit lifter.

  2. artsychicksw says:

    Lynda, thanks so much for letting me know your thoughts. I always appreciate feedback, even if it’s constructive criticism…so please always feel free to be completely honest if you see room for improvement. Peace to your heart, Sara

  3. Tammie says:

    this makes a lovely blog header! love all the details and colors.
    did you end up liking the colors?

  4. sheldonk2014 says:

    Hey Sara I had been thinking about you and here you are
    Just dropped by to say hello

    • artsychicksw says:

      Hi Sheldon….I haven’t been around much, I know. Partly due to chronic pain problems keeping me in bed for long periods of time, partly due to stressful family stuff going on and other things. It’s just been a very tough time the last month or so. I’m needing to check in with my blog friends and see what everyone is up to and how they’re doing? Let’s start with you, Sheldon….how are things? Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts! Peace to your heart

  5. sheldonk2014 says:

    Oh Sara let me tell you you are not alone,there is always something going on in my world, but I always try not to let it take me down,unfortunately this time I let my guard down and I been in the crapper ever since,today I woke up a new man,I won’t bore you with the details. It’s great to hear from you,you made the rite choice by checking in
    Many blessings and peace

    • artsychicksw says:

      Sheldon, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been “in the crapper”, too. So tell me, how did you wake up today a new man? Did you just feel different, or did you do things to get to that point? Mostly I’m curious. I don’t think I’d be “bored” with details, but I do respect your privacy. For me it’s mostly that the difficult areas of my life (my health/pain, terminally ill and hurting husband, special needs son) have all been at their most difficult at the same time. At times this can kind of “paralyze” me to doing anything productive…I just lose myself in tv, reading or dreaming of the big move we want to make next year. Sometimes I create art, which is somewhat productive…Sunday I really used it as therapy, and quite frankly, it wasn’t pretty. lol Sunday was a very hard day. You know, they say “God never gives us more than we can handle”…but I feel overwhelmed lately and like I wish He didn’t have so much confidence in me! Very thankful for my faith, though, as that is what gets me through the most. Well, I hope *I* haven’t *bored* you LOL I’m so happy that you are feeling a new man today and that things are looking up for you! Peace to your heart

  6. sheldonk2014 says:

    Hey Sara
    I came to see you
    I hope you are well haven’t seen you in awhile
    As always Sheldon

    • artsychicksw says:

      Hi Sheldon! Yes, I’ve not been online as much lately. And I seem to get myself interested/involved in so many things/blogs/cool sites that I’ve really stretched myself thin. Needing to cull through and choose places that mean the most to me…such as friends here. I’m doing okay…things are a bit less stressful than when we last checked in with each other. That’s a good thing! And hubby and I had a staycation last week that was so wonderful…we rested, hung out, and did some necessary things and some fun things! Saw the movie “Spy” which was so funny and enjoyable. If you haven’t seen it’s a good time and laughter *is* good medicine as it releases those feel good brain chemicals šŸ™‚ Hope this finds you doing well, Sheldon. I’d love an update…or should I check out your blog for that? Peace, Sara

  7. sheldonk2014 says:

    There has been highs and lows,I’m glad to hear you are doing well as you saw I’m been not so well but I am working on it
    Thank you for getting back to me
    As always Sheldon

  8. swamiyesudas says:

    My Dear Sara, You are quite an Artist. Like Your work. Kudos. …Though not the word ‘junkie.’ Am old fashioned, as You see. As for Therapies, they are Long in the Past for me. I just write in order to Create Opinions! šŸ™‚

  9. artsychicksw says:

    Thanks so much for your comments, swamiyesudas. I can see where some would not like the word “junkie” because of it’s most common meaning having to do with drug addiction. I used it because my love of art and creating is so strong that it feels almost like an addiction, but a good one! Words that have negative associations often can have positive ones, too. Gives us another way to think about them and what they really mean. And sharing opinions is such a great thing! It’s one of the things I enjoy so much about conversing with people on the internet. We all have so much to learn from each other. Thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughts. Peace to your heart

  10. sheldonk2014 says:

    Hey Sara hope all is well
    I can’t say much for me
    But I am still stay active
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon

  11. Jay says:

    This is really lovely!

    • artsychicksw says:

      Thanks so much, Jay. I appreciate you stopping by and taking a look around. I’m not a frequent poster by any means, but am hoping to get another done soon. Peace and blessings, Sara

  12. sheldonk2014 says:

    Hey Sara
    Just stop by to let you know I have a lot of new work for you to see
    I hope all is well
    As always Sheldon

    • artsychicksw says:

      Hi Sheldon. So glad you stopped by to let me know. I’ll head on over right now to see it all. Things are very stressful right now, but I’m working on a lot of personal growth and living mindfully. This, too, will pass (the stressful situations). Hoping all is well with you, too. Peace, Sara

  13. sheldonk2014 says:

    I have a lot too
    But I find that when I create
    I can deal with the other stuff better
    Thank you Sara
    Stay in touch
    As always Sheldon

  14. sheldonk2014 says:

    Just dropped by to say hello
    I hope all us well
    As always Sheldon

    • artsychicksw says:

      Sheldon, Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been away from the internet for about a month now…my mom became ill and died Oct 9th. Yes, it was very hard and I am doing some grieving, however, she lived a lot of years with Alzheimer’s taking her away bit by bit and with a body filled with many different pains that also limited her, so I am joyous that she is free of her body and mind and is simply the beautiful soul that she is. I know she is reunited with my dad now and they are both with God…this is a wonderful thing! I’ve been absent because I stayed with her at the care center while she was on hospice the last week of her life…loving her, talking to her even though she wasn’t alert/responsive, took care of her dry mouth, sang to her, etc, etc. I didn’t get good sleep and was much more active than I usually am so it took a great toll on my body (ended up in bed for 2 full weeks). So, I’m just getting back to the internet now. My husband and I are working on deep cleaning, decluttering and sorting items for donate/sell/trash at home. We’ve had to let so much go over the years due to our health, and the depression doesn’t help with motivation. We will be moving back to WA state next summer and are cleaning out and getting rid of a great deal for our upcoming very simple living in a small home. So, we’re both still having to rest a lot when not cleaning, etc. It feels good to be making progress, though.
      I hope you are doing well yourself…at least hanging in there if you are in tough times. When I can I’ll get back over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to. I appreciate you touching base with me! Peace, Sara

    • artsychicksw says:

      Thanks for the smiley, Sheldon. I’ve been very absent due to life busy-ness then losing our desktop computer šŸ˜¦ I just received a new laptop from my brother and sister as kind of a belated xmas gift (though they would have done it any time of year…they just want me to be able to stay in touch with extended family that lives all over the country. How blessed am I?
      My health/pain is so-so. I had about 8 weeks of feeling better than I had in many years (so grateful!) and got a lot done during that time. Then the weather changed to cold and rainy and I haven’t been the same since (went back to the old exhausted and painful me, unfortunately). I don’t mean to complain, I just really appreciated those 8 weeks! šŸ™‚ I hope this finds you well, body and mind and spirit, though I know that winter can be tough on all three. I’ve got lots of catching up to do, so I best move on…just wanted to say “hi” and thanks for keeping in touch. Peace and blessings to you

      • sheldonk2014 says:

        I hadn’t seen you in a very long time
        I know how your body and mind goes
        It’s been a long haul from me
        Time has not been so kind to me
        But Christmas was great and a quiet New Year
        Many blessings
        And above all peace
        As always Sheldon

  15. artsychicksw says:

    Thank you for the poetry, Sheldon….such a special treat to receive!

  16. sandracharrondotcom says:

    This is lovely. I’m a sucker for anything that requires paper and glue šŸ™‚ Great blog header it made!

  17. sheldonk2014 says:

    Hey Sara
    I just dropped by to say hello
    I see you were noodling around
    Hope all is well

    • artsychicksw says:

      Damn! I just was at the end of a long note to you and I must have hit the wrong button and it all disappeared! Don’t really have the time to rewrite it all since we are moving back to our beloved Washington State, the Olympic Peninsula in TWO days! We are thrilled! It’s been so, so much work over much of the last year to get ready for this…we’ve been here 13 yrs have collected so much *Stuff*, and are now simplifying and downsizing–Yay! So I will have to write more to you later….I owe you a big post and time spent reading your past posts after we get settled. I miss you, but am glad to see you and read your thoughtful comments at CC’s place. Sorry to know you are having a great deal of pain…I truly understand what that is like, mine hasn’t been too great either with all this preparing to move, packing, etc. But, I am ever so grateful that God has made it possible for me to accomplish so much! Please do take care of yourself. I leave you with much Love, Peace and Blessings, Sara

  18. artsychicksw says:

    Thank you, Sheldon, my friend. p.s. It’s “Sara” with no ‘h’ šŸ˜‰ No biggie, but thought I’d remind you xoxo

  19. Paging Mrs Zen says:

    Art is so therapeutic for me too. I’m feeling inspired. Love your work and new background.

    • artsychicksw says:

      Thanks, Mrs. Zen! This was from about a year and a half ago…I’ve kind of stepped away from my own blog to devote my time to other things that I enjoyed doing more (like reading and commenting on blogs such as your own! And creating art and jewelry, etc. And moving here. šŸ˜‰ I may get back to it one day, but for now I’m good….I seem to have quite a lot to say on the four blogs I closely follow! LOL
      Hope you are having a lovely day today…Namaste to you….Love, Peace and blessings

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