Relapse and Resurrection: The Fall and Rise of the Addicted and Mentally Ill

Relapse and Resurrection: The Fall and Rise of the Addicted and Mentally Ill.

To my followers,

The above post by ‘takingthemaskoff’ is excellent and I hope you will take the time to read it. It describes very well (and in an  sometimes interesting story form) how differently medical problems are treated and viewed versus mental illness and addiction.

I feel we must take some action to reduce the stigma if we want to see change and sharing this is one way we can take action.

Thank you so much for your support. Hope everyone is having a happy weekend. Peace to your hearts, Sara




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10 Responses to Relapse and Resurrection: The Fall and Rise of the Addicted and Mentally Ill

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    I read the story and I have lived it ,the only reason I am here today is because I am a person who wants to live,that’s how you get the system to work,if your passionate about life ,if there’s an undying strength you will find your way though all the seems to prevents you,I can’t begin to say how many times they told me Sheldon there’s no more we can do for you,but did that stop me, know,yes the system is broken but I am not. Even when it’s physical you still have to fight for what you want,because in the end the Dr says what you can have,they won’t even let you die in situations where there’s no other way,God don’t get me started,I’ve seen to much on either end that either way the system stinks
    As always Sheldon

  2. sheldonk2014 says:

    I just posted a new poem it’s call 42nd street go check it out

  3. artsychicksw says:

    Sheldon, I don’t know how I missed your comment, just guess it’s my fibro-fog brain. I adore your attitude and beliefs about this! You are a fighter and I imagine you’ve grown a great deal to be that way over the years. You go, man!

  4. artsychicksw says:

    I will look forward to the poem…maybe you could comment here when you post it so I will be sure to see it. Thanks!

  5. sheldonk2014 says:

    So glad you came to visit
    I hope everything is going well
    Just dropped by to say hello
    As always Sheldon

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