I was interviewed for an artist’s spotlight!

Recently I was interviewed for a Visual Artist’s Spotlight on a website by Cheryl Cope. Cheryl coaches women on enhancing creativity, weight loss and general women’s issues with a Christian perspective. I was a bit unsure how to respond to her questions…not that I didn’t “know the answers” rather what to include and what to leave out so it was an interesting read. I tend to go on and on sometimes, if you hadn’t noticed already. 😉  So, any feedback on the interview would be greatly welcome in case I have another opportunity to be interviewed in the future. 

You can find the interview, with photos and a coupon code for 25% off in my etsy shop, here:


Peace to your hearts, Sara

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please visit my about.me page at www.about.me/SaraWindsor
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4 Responses to I was interviewed for an artist’s spotlight!

  1. Nicely done Sara. I hope it brings you lots of recognition and sales.

  2. Sara Windsor says:

    Thank you, Kim. I hope I might get some sales from it, too, whether now or in the future. Regardless, it was a good experience. Peace

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