Art journaling my feelings


What I really love to use an art journal for is expressing my feelings or working out how I feel when I’m unsure. This is what I have done for my last several pages and it feels good. First, a spread about my 19 year old daughter moving out next weekend…all the way to Seattle! Such mixed feelings here because I am thrilled for her to be embarking on her life’s journey on her own, going to art school, getting her first apartment, being with her boyfriend who is stationed with the Navy out there and just plain living in Seattle which is awesome (we lived there for a few years around 2000). But, I am terribly sad for myself! It’s taken me a while to get past crying every time I think about it. Her move date has gotten moved up twice, which has been very hard. So, I decided to journal about it, using some inspiration from Pam Garrison, who is one of my favorite artists. Love the light colors she often uses and I borrowed the “banner” at the top of the right page below, putting my own touch on it.


Now for the techniques and supplies used, for those that care:


The first thing on this page was a spray of home made pink alcohol ink, which can be seen mostly as-is where I wrote “my precious daughter Emelie is moving out”. I added watercolors to the rest of the page background, then added details with acrylic paint….the orange swoops to the left, the colored bands, the tear, the flowers. I added the journaling spot that I created using a stencil and the alcohol ink on acrylic paper, then wrote on it with colored ink pen.


I used gel medium to attach some vintage papers, then painted with three colors of acrylic paint for the background. I made the journal spot by using pink acrylic paint, then yellow around the outside for the border, which I embellished with colored ink pens in a doodle or zentangle style. This is very new to me and I could certainly use some practice! I added the sweet vintage book page image of the bird “leaving the nest” since it so well illustrates my daughter leaving. I’m loving my new Prismacolor black pens/markers…they work so well!

And now for another spread….


These pages I created in the midst of overwhelming stress feelings, needing to find something to do instead of screaming my head off to my family. My daughter brought home a little puppy quite unexpectedly. We knew she was going to adopt a dog when she moved….AFTER she got to Seattle! But, a friend of her best friend rescued this little dog and he needed a home. My daughter fell in love with him so she brought him home…the way things change when they get this age and are moving out!! Well, we already have three large dogs that we love dearly and are mostly very well behaved. But, you suddenly introduce a tiny puppy into this mix and they start going crazy. Not to mention the tv blaring, the kids all talking and calling the puppy, etc and our home was full of chaos. So, I hit the worktable and went at it to define my feelings and get them out by creating. I purposely made it very chaotic since that’s how I felt.


I used several colors of acrylic paint all over the page, then chose stencil with a random pattern and used more acrylic paint to add this to the page. I added a few papers/paint swatch and wrote the word “Chaos” in paint pen, outlining it in my new gold paint pen and using my new Prismacolor black chisel marker to write the other words. It feels appropriate to me and really is an expression of how I felt.


For this page I used various papers including used wrapping paper with a paisley pattern, part of a cupcake wrapper, vintage papers and went over them with watered down gesso, then added some more vintage papers. The book text with the various colors I created using watercolors and a toy truck tire with tread pattern to create. I am always looking for everyday things to create pattern now. I used colored pens to fill in some of the areas of the wrapping paper and write the journaling on the right side. The “want ‘wild’ orange” card covers up another paint chip card that didn’t work when I journaled on it. More gold paint pen in dots on and around this.

I feel like I’m getting a good balance between learning and trying new techniques and expressing what is going on in my life and with my feelings and perceptions. Another goal here is to improve my skills enough to sell some mixed media art so I can continue to create it on a regular basis along with my jewelry. I have a few gifts to family and a friend I’m needing to give and I think I will try some mixed media art using quotes. Crossing my fingers they will turn out well so I can give them!

What have you been creating recently? Art, jewelry, music, writing…??? I’d love to hear about it.

Peace to your heart, Sara


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15 Responses to Art journaling my feelings

  1. Sara you have so much going on, on these pages. My heart goes out to you, but I also giggle a little – CHAOS it gets to me to at the most unexpected times. Today I went to the craft store and left almost immediately – there was a man talking to loudly in the section I wanted to be in and then a kid started crying – that did it.

    Anyway – back to the journal I love the little birds – she is leaving my nest. So sweet, it must be really hard to go through that. I’m glad for you to have your journal to work though these things.

  2. artsychicksw says:

    Kim, Thanks so much for your thoughtful words. Expressing my feelings about my life and working through them is really what I want for my journal, though I’m sure some pages will simply be relevant themes or words. We’ll see…growth is an unknown road most of the time. Peace to your heart

  3. lynne says:

    hi sara,

    thank you for your nice words at my place; i appreciate them. : )

    i put the beeswax on with a brush. just a cheap brush – nothing fancy, and when i’m done i stick it in a plastic bag to keep dust off of it, and then use it again next time.

    i wish peace for your heart also…


  4. Carolyn Dube says:

    That is the best thing for me too about the art journal- the ability to process emotions! Love how your pages turned out!

  5. Tammie says:

    ah, my heart leans towards yours. it is wonderful that you use your art to explore your feelings, just beautiful.

  6. sheldonk2014 says:

    I hope all is well I didn’t realize that you had such a diverse background in art I wish you could see my collages, you inspire me to want to do more
    Peace and love

  7. artsychicksw says:

    Hi Sheldon, I need to go find those collages! I’ve got to go run some errands here in minute, but I’ll try to remember to go look later. If you haven’t seen me comment in the next day or two, feel free to post here again to remind me. I want to see them…just have a horrible memory! Wow…it’s so nice to be an inspiration! I do hope you will make more collages or whatever comes into your soul to create. I’ve received so much inspiration from other artist’s, not to mention learning from their tutorials and blog posts. A great “teacher” for me this year has been participating in the Documented Life Project 2015 through Art to the 5th Academy (it’s online…you can search the above to visit it). It has a monthly theme, then weekly art challenges and journal prompts. I’ve learned and grown too much. They’ll tell you that it’s not too late to start if you want to join! Got to run! Talk with you later

  8. sheldonk2014 says:

    Sara I was looking through your posts last nite that’s how I got to see your work ,I made a power more thus morning to reblog two of my collages,plus I was saddened to read about your husband, so I made sure to leave you comment
    As always Sheldon

  9. artsychicksw says:

    Thank you so much, Sheldon. Very thoughtful of you. My husband has his ups and downs for sure. He had a good morning today, but is now lying down due to feelings really poorly. We just take each day as it comes and are grateful for the better times. I’m going to go find your collages now! Peace to your heart

  10. sheldonk2014 says:

    Sara thank you for finding my collages,these are my children,I push the limits of what a collage can be,many different components go into a piece,if you have any other questions please feel free to ask
    As always Sheldon

  11. sheldonk2014 says:

    You have to go back to the beginning of my blog they are there with a camera beside the name of the piece,I started back in September,I have a lot of new ones but there not camera ready and my picture taking skills stink

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