A Few New Supplies for Art Journaling

I had  yard sale over the weekend, and while most of the profits went to bills I was able to use a bit of it for some new supplies for art journaling. As I said I was in desperate need of various sizes of black markers so this is what I looked for first. After looking at more pens than I might ever want to, both on line and in the store, I decided upon a set of four Prismacolor black markers in four different sizes. It has tiny, small, medium brush and thick chisel…I had fun playing with them and I think they will be a great investment…if I can just be patient and let things dry before I use them!

New Prismacolor markers, various stencils, some wide brushes and paint pens

New Prismacolor markers, various stencils, some wide brushes and paint pens

I also needed some wide brushes. I have been working with old and very cheap paintbrushes. I couple of weeks ago I bought a set of about 10 different small brushes which has enabled me to do some of the lettering and detail work. Now I can easily create backgrounds and cover large areas. I also added a couple of new paint pens…gold and cream. I’ve already had some fun with the gold and will share later. And, new stencils! I’ve been looking online for some stencils to use for backgrounds…they are a bit pricey. But when I was at good ol’ Wal Mart I saw this pack of three pages of stencils with four patterns per page for the low price of around $2.75!! I probably won’t use all the stencils…not much of a heart background kind of girl, but it was definitely a great find.


Then I had the thought to get alcohol inks for my new stencils, but they aren’t available in the little town I live in and they are also kind of expensive. So I bought some rubbing alcohol and a little spray bottle to use with my food coloring I already had. Should have checked out the food coloring because the blue is all gone, the red almost and the yellow and green aren’t exactly full. Next trip to the store I will get more and some more little spray bottles. I decided to use up what was left of the red food coloring, knowing I would get a pink spray. I pulled out a page of acrylic paper and sprayed away….

NewSupplies3…really liking what the results were. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well on old papers, on top of acrylic paint, etc. Since I’ve never used it before I’m not sure if that is the nature of alcohol inks or just my homemade variety. But it’ll do for a while anyway. I also noted that on Pinterest the homemade recipes call for 97% rubbing alcohol and what I purchased is 70%…didn’t know there were different kinds! I’ll give the other a try, too, and see if it makes a difference. Anyone have experience with homemade alcohol inks and have some suggestions? I’d love to hear about it.

Peace to your hearts, Sara


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2 Responses to A Few New Supplies for Art Journaling

  1. Yay for new supplies – something very thrilling about buying them. Guess it is like a junky getting their fix.

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