Having so much fun making my altered book! More pages…

My creative soul is singing with joy these days! I am so enjoying creating the pages in the altered book I am working on. My hands are constantly covered in many colors of paint, the white of the gesso, dried gel medium, etc and it’s fantastic as far as I’m concerned because getting that way really does give me much joy. I’ve been busy going through vintage magazines and books as well as new magazines to find images that will go along with the quotes I’ve chosen. With no further ado, here are a few more pages:


This spread of pages seven and eight adds some humor to my book. It’s a bit odd to be sure, but I kinda like it. I think the background on page seven turned out well with a mixture of yellow and orange acrylic paints then ink stamping dots with white ink. I also love the the blue “swoops” on the left of the page. The house on the right page mostly turned out as I hoped, but I didn’t realize my orange paint was “gloss” and would have preferred if it was matte. The windows, bushes and cloud are all made out of vintage quilt squares that were never made into a quilt…I found them at a flea market. See the small tag with the little guy on it? He is stamped from a vintage metal stamp…check the next photo to see what you can do with him.


Just like the quote he can be put dwelling “in a corner of the housetop” to avoid his “brawling woman”. I don’t really see it as negative towards women, just that we have our own voice and opinions and do not hesitate to ‘share’ them with the men in our lives!

The next two pages are ones that I did when I first started making this book last fall. Different from what I am doing now, but I love the colors here:


Pages nine and ten…”Social Butterfly”. This was an idea I wanted to include in the book, then I remember that I had these beautiful rub-ons of butterflies…what could be better? I think this one is gorgeous and she happened to coordinate with the butterfly paper I already had! I really am not buying anything new to create this book…hope I’m able to stick with that and simply use things I have on hand. The pocket was made by folding up the corner of the page then covering the pocket part with the butterfly paper. More about what is in the pocket in the next photo.


This little goodie was made from a vintage coin roll that I sealed at one end and decorated with paper and the ‘free as a butterfly’ stamping. The little flower is a fun brad I had on hand.


And finally, inside the coin wrapper is a tag with a sweet quote on it and some great ribbon and yarn fiber.

I’ve talked myself into sharing the next two pages with you because I love the way they turned out (not to hard to convince myself since I’m anxious to share them!) I honestly think I just keep improving my artistic skills with most every spread I create…yea!


Pages eleven and twelve…Every lady would be a Queen for life, a quote by Alexander Pope. The photo is a bit dark but the actual book isn’t this dark. I really had fun with this page…still working on layering backgrounds and foregrounds. I adore teal and purple together…you may remember my post about “Truth Cards” for Brave Girls Club where most of the six cards were in the same color palette? I’ve used both acrylic and watercolor paints here, ink stamping , vintage handwriting of a woman’s notes from nursing school, vintage text, watercolor pencils for the border on the quote card, pastels in black and grey around the circles, found images both new and vintage and the wonderful photo of four young women (they were teenage friends of my mother’s). Of course, the young women and their crowns were the most fun to create using both acrylic paints and ink stamping.


A close-up of the four Queens…how fun!

Thanks for following my creative journey….Peace to your hearts


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