Swapping with New Friends…and so much more

I have found that being a part of the Etsy community is about so much more than selling and/or buying. I am making some friends that share similar interests and goals. We communicate back and forth, we share and we help each other out. This is so refreshing in a world where many are focused on their own “stuff”.

One new friend I have made is Laura, who owns Central Coast Charms. She sells some wonderful jewelry supplies including lovely glass beads with beautiful finishes, rhinestone components with metals to which she has added patina and digital college sheets. The beads below come in many colors and are my favorite:


My first contact with her was when I purchased some of her wonderful brass patina rhinestone rondelles…the prettiest I could find on Etsy. This started our conversations and our friendship. We visited and liked each other’s facebook biz pages and learned that we both like to use vintage supplies in our jewelry making. I thought..hey, why don’t we help each other out and exchange some supplies? I approached her about it and she said it was a go! She offered to send some items to me first, then I could send her what I thought was an equal trade from my supplies. Well, when I opened the package she sent me I was so thrilled!


She sent some lovely vintage and new items my way…it was like my birthday or Christmas opening each part of her offerings. Beautiful brass stampings, vintage chandelier crystals, some of her wonderful rhinestone rondelles and beads, lovely glass beads from her shop, vintage lace, recycled sari silk…the list goes on.



She even sent me her first try at hand enameling a large filigree bead…it’s great in shades of blue and white! Can you find it in the photos?


I love the vintage brass buttons, the old skeleton key (I repeatedly use keys in my jewelry because they add a bit of mystery and hope in my opinion) and the mother of pearl coin beads below the key. She even sent me some of those wonderful beads that are my favorite…you can see one of them by the cream colored buttons above. I immediately got on Etsy and sent her an excited thank you note…what a great trading partner!

Over the next few days I combed through my many, many supplies I have gathered over the years looking for just the right things. I wanted her to feel the same excitement I had when her package arrived. I found many vintage beads and other goodies, some different colored recycled sari silk, a sterling prayer or wish box charm, etc. I didn’t take photos because I am leaving that for her to share on her pages. When she does I will share a link with you. I was happy to hear from her that she was thrilled with the things I had sent. We accomplished a swap that we both felt great about!

I really appreciate my Etsy friends. Some provide positive feedback, we encourage each other, and I even made a new friend that gifted me with an item of hers that I had added to my favorites. Ady is a woman with a huge heart…she read in my profile about my having chronic health issues, including fibromyalgia, and wanted to give me some darling, comfortable lounge pants she repurposed and embellished.


The cute little patches with various donkey images are difficult to see in this photo, but they are darling! You have to remember…she and I had never had contact before I added the pants to my favorites! She sent me a message asking to be able to give these to me…this just doesn’t happen, but it did because of a woman who rescues donkeys and has one of the biggest hearts I have ever encountered. Thank you again, Ady! We have started emailing back and forth to each other, though I haven’t been the greatest communicator lately. I was able to thank her by sending her a special little repurposed vintage bottle I made just for her…with a little donkey on the front, of course. Too bad I forgot to photograph it! Ady’s etsy store is closed right now so that she can care for her many donkeys. But you can visit it and sign up to be notified when she re-opens…and peruse her sold items to see the fun and colorful creations she makes and sells to help out just a bit with the cost of her donkey, but mostly to share joy with others. Her shop can be found here:https://www.etsy.com/shop/pomegranite80

One more new friend to add to the story…Jana from Happy Fish Shop . Jana makes wonderful polymer clay jewelry with soul. She lives in Belgium and is one of my new international friends! I complimented her on her creations…I really like that she makes her colors soft and aged-looking because that is more my style that the bright colors so many polymer clay artists use. Jana puts soulful words on many of her pieces and they touched my soul. I fell in love with a couple of her pairs of earrings. When I heard back from her that she really liked my creations as well, I thought again “How about a swap?” It goes back to the little cards called ACEO (Art Card Edition Originals) or ATC (Artist Trading Cards) that artists created and swapped with other artists to share and support each other’s work. Why not with jewelry as well? I am so happy that Jana wanted to swap, too! Look at the great earrings she sent me:


Love them so much! They are so fun to wear and definitely unique. Thanks again, Jana! Here is the necklace she chose from my shop…


It’s called “Always Find Your Way Home”…created with a vintage compass that was on a strap like a watch, some green turquoise twist beads, Czech glass flower beads and little charms of a house, a tree and a cloud that I made by hand out of chip board, decorative paper, acrylic paint and dimensional glaze.

So, swapping is certainly fun and beneficial for both people involved. But, the real message here is friendship. Friendship across the miles, across cultures, across creative styles. The connecting of creative souls…that’s what it’s really all about and I am blessed to be a part of it. And thanks to all of you who are also becoming my friends, sharing lives and creativity of all kinds through this thing called blogging. I appreciate all of you so much!

In the feeling of appreciation I am offering you what I can….if you would like to have one of my creations I’d like to offer you each 30% off the purchase of one item from my etsy shop. I have never had a sale with such a deep discount, but I know in my soul that this is the time. I have received so much and it is time to give. Please use the code FRIENDS30 at checkout to receive your discount. Please use before April 30th. And Happy Spring everyone!

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3 Responses to Swapping with New Friends…and so much more

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  2. Your photos are beautiful Sara!! I can’t wait to make something out of the supplies we swapped. And I loved hearing about the other talented ladies you have met. It really is a great way to make new friends from all over the world that have similar interests.

  3. artsychicksw says:

    Well, my very old Kodak camera is hanging in there and does take some pretty good close ups most of the time. I’m thankful it’s still plugging along. And yes, it is so great to meet new friends via Etsy and blogging!

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