Jewelry Elf? Absolutely!

Not long ago I read about a project that another WordPress blogger has created. Ziggy decided to help revive the art of letter writing by writing a letter a day for a year and asked her readers to help out by requesting a letter. You can read what she has to say about it here. The best part about Ziggy’s letters, which she shares on her blog, is that she draws amazing elf portraits, and other things. Each letter is also a piece a mail art.

I decided this sounded too fun and wanted to be a part of it. I contacted Ziggy and she wanted to know a little bit about me, so I shared and also gave her links to this blog and my etsy shop. Then I waited….but not too long! Soon I had some amazing mail in my box from Ziggy.

What a great thing to find in my mailbox

What a great thing to find in my mailbox

And then, how surprised I was to find another elf on the letter itself. They are so beautifully drawn with subtle colors and ink pen details. Then I really looked at my elves…they are jewelry elves! And what earrings should they be wearing but my very own “Passion” earrings! This personal touch really spoke to my heart. Ziggy, you are amazing!

ZiggysLetter3 ZiggysLetter4 ZiggysLetterbest


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6 Responses to Jewelry Elf? Absolutely!

  1. that’s really a great idea of reaching out to other fellow bloggers :)) really great, hm.. i might try this one :))

  2. Sara Windsor says:

    Let me know if you decide to do the same thing…I’d love to receive an artful letter from you!

  3. Winter Owls says:

    Oh, your Ziggy letter is lovely! Fancy dressing your elf in your earrings!

  4. artsychicksw says:

    pretty awesome, isn’t it?

  5. TangledPen says:

    This is really special. What a beautiful letter!
    I started sending (and receiving!!! :)) mail art around. It’s so good to know that there ARE people out there who appreciate the handwritten (~drawn, ~painted, ~doodled…) mail. Well, I do too, that’s for sure.

    Also: Thank you so much for liking posts on my blog! 🙂
    Cheers, Jana

    • artsychicksw says:

      Absolutely, Jana! Mail art is such a fun form of art in my opinion. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving letters? Then add art and it’s extra good! Peace to your heart

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