More creations…second installment of the “goodies”

Shame on me for being so neglectful of blogging. I’ve got many things to share but will start with photos of jewelry I have made with components I shared in the “Goodies” post.

For starters, here are some earrings:





Are you able to pick out the goodies used in the earrings? And here is a necklace that uses the persimmon colored glass beads…I have used a compass cut from a vintage book page and mounted on a brass bezel with a dimensional glaze as the focal point. Simple, but I like it.



Most of these items are listed on my etsy shop if you would like to take a closer look or read more about the components.

Peace to your hearts,



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2 Responses to More creations…second installment of the “goodies”

  1. Sara – I like all the pieces that you have made. Also, I really like the card that the earrings are hanging on, in the first photo. I headed over to Etsy to take a look at that compass. xok

  2. Sara Windsor says:

    Thanks so much! Most of my earrings go on that card, then I decorate the card a bit with my colorful ink pens.
    You have just become my first return customer in my etsy shop! I’m so happy you really like the “Needing a Little Direction” necklace. When I found the compass image I knew I just had to use it in some jewelry. Peace to your heart

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