A Little Bit of a Shopping Spree

I found myself needing a few new (but in some cases old, as in vintage) things to work with. I want to make several new pairs of earrings since my supply is dwindling so I hit the online stores because even though I enjoy shopping here at the Lake it does have its limitations at times (like the middle of the winter for one).

My new goodies

My new goodies

I of course shopped my beloved Etsy and found some lovely little beads…dark garnet, some tourmaline and a unique cut of glass bead that looks like garnet.They are featured in the small bags in the photo…perfect for some earrings. Here I also purchased the wonderful amazonite long bead drops on the left of the photo.  I even shopped eBay, which I haven’t done for years, really. But, I found some very nice pieces such as the bird pendants, which are not going to be made into earrings, just in case you were wondering! Here I also bought the wonderful ladies watch cases…I’m loving the one inscribed “George to Maggie” on the back because it is so endearing. And a small gold crest scatter pin that may be altered into a brooch or become a link in a necklace.

George to Maggie and the lovely antique filigree

George to Maggie and the lovely antique filigree

Then I ran across a store called Earthly Adornments out of California. I’m so thrilled that they have an online store because I could have bought almost everything in it if I had the funds. Almost everything they carry is antique or vintage and it’s all jewelry or jewelry supplies. I purchased several lovely pieces that will enable me to create some wonderful earrings such as the antique brass three-to-one connectors and the silver and blue chandelier pendants. I also found the fancy molded persimmon glass melon beads and the lovely antique West German crystal vitrial pentagon beads…ooh-la-la! They are a bit rough on the ends, but with some pretty bead caps will be a feature in any piece. They really are prettier in person and feel like holding a piece of history. The same goes for the art Nouveau raw brass filigree piece with the lovely patina. My last find here were the charming little vintage calla lily drops that will make a fine addition to any kind of jewelry. I have already used one in a very special piece I’m making…but more on that at another date.

Little lovelies for earrings

Little lovelies for earrings and the vitrial West German crystals (a bit blurry in the foreground)

So, I’ve been enjoying playing with my new goodies and am in the midst of making a couple of pieces that I’m very proud of. I will, of course share these when they are completed.

Do you love vintage and antique things? What are some of your favorite finds? I’d love to hear from you on this.

Peace to your heart,



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9 Responses to A Little Bit of a Shopping Spree

  1. KBenskin says:

    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog! I am envious of all the goodies you scored and can’t wait to see the finished products!

    • artsychicksw says:

      I know just how you feel…I often see amazing pieces people find and wish I could find such items as readily. I’m so happy to have found Earthly Adornments because they have a large selection and their smaller items are quite reasonable. Thanks for visiting

  2. Those German crystals are lovely!

  3. buzzzky says:

    I love finding old books or Bibles that have been written in. I once found a journal that someone had written. It was so special because I was able to share their last thoughts as it went right up to the point where they passed on. I even got to look them up on the internet and see pictures and read more about them..Definitely one of my treasures even though it isn’t necessarily vintage or antique.

    Love the bird pendant!! And the George to Maggie piece. How special is that?! Can’t wait to see what it all turns into!

    • artsychicksw says:

      Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to reply to my questions. What a wonderful find the Bible was for you! I do love old books with inscriptions and notes…my hubby and I collect antique school books and many have children’s writings or drawings in them. It always gives me pause to think about what they were like, what their lives were like.
      I’ve made a few items already and will be posting soon with some photos. Peace to your heart, Sara

  4. Sara your treasure stash is just lovely. My how that George to Maggie piece pulls at my heart. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. xok

    • Sara Windsor says:

      I’ve made a few pieces already, but then was flat on my back in bed for a week due to back/nerve pain…no fun! I’ve got errands to run today, but should be posting some photos in the next couple of days. I’m having so much fun with those supplies!

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