A Tribute to Nurses

As someone with chronic health and pain problems for well over twenty years I have encountered a lot of health care professionals over time. Especially nurses, those wonderful folks who are the first to see you and usually the ones that spend the most time with you. I had a c-section with each of my three children and as with any birth the nurses really play the biggest role before and after the actual birth. Nurses cared for my oldest child when he was extremely ill in the hospital for a week, for my daughter when she was 31 days old and they thought she had meningitis, and are there to greet me with a smile on every month’s doctor’s appointment I have. They do all kinds of jobs, even the ones that no one else wants to perform.

So, when I found a few photos of nurses in with a group of vintage photos I had purchased I knew I wanted to make a tribute piece of jewelry as a way of saying thank you and bringing attention to the wonderful people called NURSES.

I chose a photo taken in 1940 in Hot Springs, Arkansas (knowing this thanks to the stamp on the reverse side of the photo). I also had to include a bit of the lovely edging around the photo so I created a little collage on a vintage creamy white buckle then added a bit of hand cut and shaped vintage brass lamp band with “nurse” taken from a vintage dictionary, plus a floral piece of antiqued brass stamping.

"The Nurse" pendant

“The Nurse” pendant

If I had to pick one word that described nurses it would “caring”, so I created a connector piece on antiqued brass by applying a cutting from the vintage dictionary for the word “care”. It has been sealed with resin for longevity and protection. For some odd reason it took on a blue hue in the center. I just see it as a little something extra that adds to the piece! The little open heart charm hangs from the “care” connector.

Care connector on "The Nurse" necklace

Care connector on “The Nurse” necklace

The beads are some of my favorite of all time. First, four large faceted semi-precious agate beads with various brass bead caps. I chose four different colors of beads to represent the diversity of skills nurses have to possess to do their jobs well. Then finally, the charming vintage rhinestone beads that I just adore.

A tribute to nurses everywhere...

A tribute to nurses everywhere…



Thank you to nurses everywhere…you are so very appreciated.

Peace to your heart,



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16 Responses to A Tribute to Nurses

  1. a must love vintage piece. i remember my classmates who went abroad to pursue their nursing career outside Philippines. Now all them are around the world taking care of people around the globe 😉

  2. artsychicksw says:

    Thanks so much Maria!

  3. thetinyhobo says:

    This is positively gorgeous–I find it really amazing when a piece of jewelry can tell a story! The colors of the beads you used are just fabulous. ♥

  4. What a lovely tribute to a deserving industry. The necklace is lovely indeed.

  5. Deanne says:

    My mom’s a nurse (now retired) – love it. Like the way you photographed against the graph/note paper

  6. artsychicksw says:

    Thanks, Deanne. I often use the antique ledger as my background for photographing my pieces that have a real vintage feel to them. I feel like it’s not too overpowering but interesting. Please tell your mom how appreciated she is for all the care she’s given over the years. Also, I love reading your blog…so interesting to see what you choose and what you choose to do with it! Love your latest one…I have a few vintage art instruction books, too, and think they’re pretty cool. Peace to your heart, Sara

  7. A beautiful post, indeed, and no better folks to pay tribute to than nurses. I’ve yet to blog about it, but I am, as I type this, in the ICU with my mother who has been receiving absolutely wonderful care from a marvelous team of nurses I can never thank enough. Cheers to them….and to all the tributes they so richly deserve!

    • artsychicksw says:

      Zen and Genki,
      Thank you for your comment. I am saddened to hear your mother is ill and in ICU. I know how difficult it can be to have a parent seriously ill as I’ve been through that with both my parents and I feel for you. But what a difference it makes to have a really good nursing staff! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate your views and spirit. Peace to your heart, Sara

  8. Hi, Sara. Obviously, this special piece touched many of your readers. A beautiful tribute to nurses everywhere! I’m happy to be a new subscriber to your blog and will look forward to seeing what you’re up to in the future.


    • artsychicksw says:

      Thank you, Lynda. I’ve enjoyed seeing your jewelry designs as well. I’d love to get into metalworking but just don’t have the set up or materials to do so at this time. Maybe someday! Peace to your heart, Sara

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