Shopping Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Good luck to all of you who brave the crowds this weekend to get some discount shopping done. Hope you get some great deals. While I love a good deal I’m just not up for all that activity right after a big Thanksgiving. If you are more like me why not try shopping from home in your jammies and slippers with a nice cup of flavored coffee? Just head on over to Etsy where you will find sales galore from the many shops on etsy. Here you can give the gift of handmade, or if that doesn’t suit everyone on your list search for some wonderful vintage and antique items or supplies for that crafty person on your list. Etsy is even offering gift cards now…you can’t miss there.

In my shop, the Creative Soul, I am offering 20%off your entire purchase this weekend!  Just use the coupon code MERRYBRIGHT at checkout to receive the discount. All the listings have the coupon code so you don’t have to try to remember it. I have recently listed a lot of new jewelry pieces and will be adding several more Friday morning. Here are a few items, but you’ll have to check out the shop for the rest…I’ve got nearly 70 items for sale right now!

Do you see a theme of birds here? I am drawn to items with birds on them, or nests or eggs, etc, so I do always have things for the bird lover. I also have many other pieces made with the great antique and vintage finds I adore so much.

Thinking about gift wrapping and decorating for the holidays as well? I have some hand crafted ornaments and decorations as well as my wonderful hand stamped ribbons or garlands. I hand fray fabric into different sizes of ribbons or banners and then hand stamp various images onto them. Use them to wrap gifts, as a garland around your tree, to decorate with by tying around a stack of old books or wherever you like. I can even custom make a banner for your in the colors you like with a holiday saying such as “jingle bells jingle all the way” or “what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh” or “peace on earth” etc. Maybe you’d like a personal message such as “Merry Christmas from the Windsors” to hang outside your front door.  Custom orders are certainly welcome, even if you just want more of the ribbons you see online. Just contact me through my etsy store.

***However you choose to shop this weekend, have a wonderful time choosing just the right gifts for those you love.***

Peace to your hearts, Sara


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2 Responses to Shopping Black Friday through Cyber Monday

  1. thetinyhobo says:

    I usually go out for Black Friday, but I’m not doing it this year. Too much work, too broke–and besides, I want to support all of those WalMart protestors!

    Etsy is really great for Black Friday shopping, and besides, you can’t beat handmade. I absolutely LOVE the birdcage necklace in this post…it’s gorgeous!

  2. artsychicksw says:

    I guess we’re both at home today doing some shopping on etsy. And thanks for your comments on my “Flying Free” necklace.

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