Creativity is born of the soul

I came up with a quote that I put on little business card sized magnets…”Creativity is born of the soul”

I just love the quote, the truth in it and how it expands upon my business name. God gave the gift of creativity to my soul and my creations come from my soul…I feel so close to God when making things and it really does make my soul grow.

What about you? Where does your creativity come from? Where do you draw inspiration from?


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2 Responses to Creativity is born of the soul

  1. thetinyhobo says:

    Love this quote! I had to think very hard about this before I replied, and even still I’m not sure how to reply!

    I definitely feel that my creativity comes from within. My inspiration comes from external sources, such as music, nature, other artists–and I internalize these influences and create something based on how I perceive it.

    I definitely agree with you on feeling close to God when you’re creating. I’m not a terribly religious person but there’s something very spiritual about it. It’s like you can almost feel your soul lifting up!

    • artsychicksw says:

      You’ve given a very thoughtful response, which I really appreciate. I, too, am inspired by external sources but what comes out of me as jewelry or art comes from my soul, how my soul has pondered what I’ve seen, heard, felt. I am very spiritual, though not religious. I believe there is a huge difference between the two, as it seems you do, too.

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