A new way to purchase on Etsy…and Take the Handmade Pledge

For those of you who are not familiar with etsy.com let me tell you that it is a wonderful online community! You can view, sell and buy all sorts of handmade goods and art at all ranges of prices in this one place. Just head on over and start browsing. Looking for something in particular? Plug it in the search box and you’ll be amazed by the choices!

Now, for the new way to purchase. While etsy has long been connected with Pay Pal as an easy way of making secure payments they are offering something new just in time for the holiday season…etsy gift cards. Yeah! Not only does it make for easy payment, but if you are unsure exactly what to gift to that hard to buy for person you can simply give the gift of “Handmade” by giving an etsy gift card. Of course, if you want to give the gift of vintage or supplies (for the crafty friend) you can also use the gift card as etsy allows sales of all three. You can get the gift card here.

I am taking a *pledge* that at least one-third of the gifts I give this holiday season will be handmade by myself or others. Since I love to make a lot of my own gifts, this is probably an under-estimate, but I want to meet my goal this first year. Who would like to take the pledge with me? What percentage of your gifts will be handmade? And yes, those etsy gift cards count towards your handmade percentage. If you will take a pledge, please comment to this post to let us know, and if you have your own blog or facebook page you could even share this and your pledge on your own page.

Of course, there are many place to buy handmade…most communities have shops that support local artisans as well as having holiday art and craft fairs. It is so special to receive a gift that is handmade, especially one that is one of a kind. There are other online communities devoted to selling handmade as well. A few I know of include Art Fire, Made It (an Australian-based site) and Folksy (a British site). The great thing about online shopping…you can buy from any country! While I do in general support buying USA made products, I think as far as handmade goes there could be an exception. I know not everyone will agree with me, and that is okay, I understand.

Here’s to a wonderful handmade holiday season!

Peace to your hearts


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2 Responses to A new way to purchase on Etsy…and Take the Handmade Pledge

  1. bwhartwork says:

    My wife and I were talking about this just tonight, we already have agreed to buy handmade this year for Christmas. Great post!

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