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I’ve been seeing some cool jewelry made out of recycled tin. Hmmm…could I do this? First step was finding vintage tins that I actually liked and thought would make pretty jewelry. I have found a couple so far…it’s a bit hard because the ones I really like are quite pricey, and in a way I hate to cut them up. So, here’s what I’m working with:

Two tins…the left one is vintage (I’m already working on it) and the right is gently used, but not vintage. Also, a peek at a completed pair of earrings

You can see in the back there a pair of earrings I’ve already made. Just a little sneak preview. My hubby cut the rolled lid part off the tin with a dremmel tool so it was easier for me to work with (I’m so blessed to have a partner who supports my creativity). Thanks to my dad, who was an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, we have some old dental tools including surgical steel scissors. This means I can cut out pieces with scissors rather than a dremmel tool. Much more accurate, but still harder than cutting paper. ( I love that my wonderful dad can be supportive of me even from Heaven!)

Now, I’m really experimenting here, but I’m thinking that I like my edges bent over, hammered, pressed, hammered, bent over…well, you get the idea. It makes my edges look a little ruffled in places, which gives a cool look. It does take a long time, but worth it, I think.  I am simply sanding some as well, as seen in the pink floral earrings below, called “Pearls and Flowers”. The other piece, just a pendant so far, shows the worked over edges. What are your thoughts? Please leave comments below…I’d love your input! Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them.

Oh, and here is a good photo of the completed earrings…They are named “Truth Love and Flowers” because I put vintage text on the back of the pieces and one of the earring backs has the words Truth and Love on it. The pink faceted beads are antique and the royal blue crystal rondelle beads are vintage.  Peace to your heart, Sara

Truth Love and Flowers earrings

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