Selling Jewelry and Helping the Community

My booth at the Festival of the Arts at the Lake of the Ozarks

I attended a wonderful art festival last weekend! A local charity called the Sharing and Caring Foundation hosted it as a way to raise money that they give to other local charities in need. The main fundraiser was an auction where all the artists in attendance donated piece of art to be auctioned…it was great fun! I met so many wonderful people over the weekend and got the chance to share about how I create my one of a kind pieces of jewelry. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was blessed enough to sell quite a bit of jewelry and a couple of pieces of art.

I sold a few pieces of jewelry that I had just made in the days before the event….

“Number 5” Necklace              “Union Supreme Trunk                       “Winged Key” Necklace

& Baggage Co” Bracelet


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2 Responses to Selling Jewelry and Helping the Community

  1. Minu says:

    I am custom jewlery sell

  2. artsychicksw says:

    You also make jewelry? Do you sell it anywhere online? I’d love to see some of your things.
    Peace to your heart,

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